How a Great Leader Brought Change to His Own Behavior

I got a call a while back from a founding CEO of a growing company.  He asked if I would coach him.  I liked him from the beginning.  He said, “I’ve been an individual performer. But I need to learn to be a leader.” My best coaching clients have been the ones who EAGERLY want … Continued

How to Avoid the One-Two Punch that Kills Creativity and Initiative

There’s an absolutely deadly, yet little-known combo that can destroy the prospect of creativity and initiative, on the part of so-called followers. Here’s the math that I shared about — and with –  my students, as I began a class on risk-taking on Monday: 50 students x 12 years of  pre-college schooling x 180 days … Continued

Converting Complaints to Positive Leadership

Thank you to the 231 of you who weighed in on my survey on complaining last week! I am afraid I botched the design a little,* but the core data remains fascinating:  People who responded guesstimated that they complain between 14 and 18 times a day. My inquiry was fueled by two essential leadership truths … Continued

Gain Self Awareness in 24 Hours

The practitioners of “emotionally intelligent leadership” agree that self-awareness is a cornerstone skill to develop.  I offer today’s experimental Reading for Leading with the intent of helping you raise your self awareness. I have a question, then a challenge. I’m hoping that tomorrow (when I send you a link), at least 500 people will weigh-in … Continued

How to Feed Your Team and Build a Positive Culture

As long-time readers know (and by the way, today marks the beginning of year 14 of RFL), from time-to-time readers get enthused and write back to me with better ideas than I have shared in the first place. Today I feature feedback from a friend, Bill Richards, who works, okay, he’s a judge, in the … Continued