A Great Story About Why Some Mistakes are Better than Others

Eight groups of seven students submitted group projects this week that were supposed to demonstrate and teach leadership. One group learned and taught me the most. Largely, because they made a mistake. I recommend following their lead. Having made 8,237 decent-sized mistakes in my life, I’ve not only come to accept but even to really … Continued

Gandhi December Wisdom

In these doubly busy times, I’m striving to keep it simple. Here’s my favorite quote from Mohandas Gandhi and a few quick thoughts about it: “The more efficient a force is, the more silent and the more subtle it is. Love is the subtlest force in the world.” I don’t know about you, but I want … Continued

Two Survival Skills for Holidays :-) Work :-)

It’s always struck me as the season of contradiction. Longer nights and fallen leaves invite sleep, if not outright hibernation. But in most work cycles, the pressure calls for more work than ever.  Lawyers collect their bills, accountants fight through year-ends, sales folks and development directors canvas for bonuses, and students freak out about papers … Continued