How Do You Get An Important and Challenging Partner to Listen

RFL Two weeks ago: really examine yourself before you start correcting someone else. RFL Last week: there is no reality, so “get” their reality. Their reality – their perceptions, recollections, evaluations — are completely independent of yours. Their view need not threaten you. Just GET IT and then many problems will go away. Now: You … Continued

When an Important Partnership is Strained – Part Two

Last week I suggested that the best way to renew a strained partnership is to work on yourself. I suggested I must lead with my best self to begin with the assumption that I have done something to contribute to stress or a breakdown.  It takes my best, because the lawyer in me habitually turns all … Continued

How to minimize damage when you’ve really screwed up

Friends, Oh, did I screw up last week!  I’ll tell you what I did, how I made it worse, and what I’m still learning about it. I turned in my grades for my awesome undergrad leadership students. A frustrated email quickly arrived from a student, saying there must have been a mistake. Then a second … Continued