Friends, Timing may not be everything, but it’s SOME thing. If I had paid attention to timing…oh, if I could take back the advice I gave to a boss, my wife, or a child of mine at moments when they were incapable of hearing it as positive…If I had only have taken the risk … Continued

Joel Hyatt Hits a Home Run on Values and Integrity

Take a leap with me this week into multimedia, with a first-ever video Reading for Leading.  It’s less than 3 minutes in length, but I think you’ll like the point.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think of both the medium and the message.

Clarifying Authority – Seeking Your Input

Dear Friends, Last week I wrote about the old male authority figure – and how we can keep what works and ditch what doesn’t. Again, as is becoming wonderfully routine, it garnered comments from readers that challenged and stretched the idea I presented. This week, I offer a very brief clarification and I renew the invitation to … Continued