Old Male Authority and Best Self Leadership

Friends, The great John Tenbusch, master teacher, philosopher and maybe part madman, would grit his teeth so hard you could hear the grinding from the last seat in room 214 of University of Detroit High School. Through clenched jaw he would growl, “Damn it _____ [insert terrified frosh’s name here]. I didn’t teach you that.” … Continued

Best Self Thanks Giving

Friends, [I’ll return next week to the series on the things that undermine best-self leadership. But I’ve got to stop for this awesome holiday.] Instead of a question at the end of RFL, consider this, up front:  Who is the most thanks-giving person you know? Whoever that person is I’m confident you would say these … Continued

The Irony of Adversaries – Part 2 on the best self

Friends, Last week I wrote about the need we all have as leaders to become aware of our judgments of others – our mental whipping boys. My point was to develop the skill of stepping outside your judgments and strong opinions and to see yourself judging. Let me exemplify this and push to why it … Continued

You Can’t Lead With Your Best If — Part One

Friends, I finish every column with the line “lead with your best self.”  This week I begin a mini-series with boundary-pushing ideas about doing that. They’re harder ideas, because they’re new – at least stuff I haven’t read much elsewhere – and hard because they demand more of you and me than I often suggest. … Continued