Vaca, Follow Me, Get a Book

Friends, For the first time in years I declare: I’m on vacation – in Saugatuck, then to  Des Moines, Mt Rushmore, Jackson, Wyoming; and on to Berkeley. So no big ideas today –  three quick updates: RFL will continue next week and hopefully for years. I learn from writing and learn from all the great … Continued

The Crucible: Challenge, Character and Leadership

Friends, My favorite leadership quote seems apropos for some current political stories, for my own personal journey, and for some readers – perhaps you – this week. Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner write, “Name any great leader, performer, scientist, athlete, activist, citizen. Chances are that the crucible of that person’s crowning achievement was some distressing … Continued

Father Leadership – Who’s Doing It?

Friends, As Fathers Day approaches I’m wondering where father leadership is these days. In my home, we have watched my wife play most of what used to be considered male roles; many of you have witnessed the obvious – Jennifer as primary breadwinner, public face of the family. In our house too, roles were flipped … Continued

Everyday Leadership Contest – Read and Act Now!

Friends, The first-ever RFL trivia contest:  I’ll send a free copy of my book Be Real to the first three people who identify correctly where (or even just why) I read about all of these guys on a single webpage Sunday:   Derek Jeter, Robert Redford, Cary Grant, Dick Van Dyke, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Dylan, Stan … Continued