On “Everyday Leadership”: Spread the Cheer

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is in full swing, and to keep the spirit alive we will have a very Christmas show this Saturday. This Holiday Season on “Everyday Leadership” Dan will be talking to Wayne Bronner from the Bronner’s Christmas store. How does such a store keep the spirit alive all … Continued

My Personal Leadership Hero(ine)


Friends, In almost 11 years of writing “Reading for Leading,” I think I’ve only once written about my wife. Much as I love and admire Jennifer, I’ve tried to keep her out of this, and I’ve appreciated that about 99.5% of my readers have as well.  So, as she enters the last 10 days of … Continued

“Everyday Leadership”: Live a Simple Life

On “Everyday Leadership” listen in to hear how to live you life simply. With Christmas quickly approaching, and only a few days left to get in some last minute shopping, have we taken the consumer culture too far? Juilet Schor author and professor at Boston College will be on to discuss her books Born to … Continued

Simple Living and Leading in Crazy Times

In years gone by, I’ve written about the craziness of the season, as we’re beset by  the convergence of end-of-year work, next-year-goal-setting, and the “work” of gifts, cards and social functions.  And, if that’s not enough this year, Jen and I are moving our home after eight years (and after our 2003 experience of randomly … Continued

Recently on “Everyday Leadership”: Ergonomics in the Workplace

So check out this office. I mean how cool is this and does it surprise you that it’s at the Red Bull Office (in London)? On “Everyday Leadership” Dan discussed ergonomics in the workplace. Ergonomics is the science of designing a workplace environment that fits the user, making the workplace comfortable and productive. Dr. Anthony … Continued

Don’t Miss The Be Real Book Signing in Grand Rapids!

Join Dan for his book signing this Saturday, Dec. 11 at Schuler Books and Music in Grand Rapids! In Be Real, Dan offers short written pieces that break open leadership and offer practical angles on how to do it better. Don’t miss your chance to buy a book and get it signed!  As you search … Continued

Wait For It. Something real good is coming.

Wait For It – Something real good is coming Friends, To lead in December is to lead in the season of contradictions. Here’s the real bad part.  We average 3 hours sunlight per day, and our nights grow terribly long until the 20th.  There is too much stuff to finish. And there are new family … Continued