Family, Work and the Work Family

The ground we stand on feels so shaky and unsure these days.  Some call us to return to the past.  Others push to a new future.  In a way, I think they’re both right. Jen, Jack and I had the privilege and pleasure of sharing a Shabbos dinner with our Orthodox Jewish friends, the Torgows. … Continued

Short RFL Long on Thanks

We give Thanks that this is a short week!  And, so I’ll strive for a 40% shorter RFL J On the Everyday Leadership Radio Show I’ll spend both hours with four of the teacher/researchers of the University of Michigan’s Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship.  This group does fascinating work – all from the perspective that’s … Continued

My Mom the Deviant – Leads in This Brutal Recession

A cousin of mine with five kids under seven has been without a job since May.  My mom sprang into action last night, making calls, bundling checks from each of her seven kids. I think the scholars I admire at the Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship at the Ross School of Business at the University … Continued

The Human Freedom to Plot a Path to Somewhere Great

It has often struck me that one of the major ways we differ from other animals is our ability to see a longer term vision and plot a course to get there.  Unlike squirrels or dogs we do much more than react on-the-spot.  As artists, we can envision a finished painting, song, or book, and … Continued

They Need to Fix It. They – Who?

Pop! Culture sometimes reveals everyday leadership better than any scholar. If you have ever wielded authority – as a boss, parent, owner, manager, principal, superintendent – and you have never viewed Oscar Rogers’ take on last year’s financial meltdown, then do yourself a 1-minute 59-second favor and watch this hilarious Saturday Night Live video before … Continued