Say Goodbye To Stuff That's Over

In William Bridges’ book on Transitions he says that we’ve got it backwards. We think that our personal and organizational stories unfold through beginnings, middles, and then endings. Nope. He says it’s much more accurate and helpful to see our personal and organizational lives unfolding with endings, then middles (he calls them the neutral zone), … Continued

Michigan at a crossroads

Fellow Michigan Citizens, I don’t often write about politics, but I feel I must today.  Michigan is at a crossroads. It’s a civic emergency, and I feel a duty to educate and, yes, advocate.  Senator Bishop, the southgoing Zax (brush up on your Dr. Seuss here, people) stands nose-to-nose with the northgoing Zax(es), which would … Continued

Speaking of Men . . . and Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver along with the Center for American Progress and NBC are this week launching a report – and hopefully a national dialogue – about “A Woman’s Nation.”  I’m pretty sure it’s a man’s nation too, so is Maria, and I’m glad she’s got us talking about it.  Follow me here, and let me know what you … Continued

A Time of Opportunity to Become a Great Employer

When it comes to employers looking for employees this is an incredible buyers’ market.  Consider: The current Business Week chronicles the woes of young people entering the labor force. Unemployment nationally is nearly 10%.  In cities it’s as high as 30%.  Labor unions have made enormous concessions. White collar workers have given up benefits, had … Continued

Everyday Leaders Matter More

Tom Walsh in Sunday’s Detroit Free Press opens a window for us to see and hear from Bill Ford, Jr., chairman of Ford Motor Company.  Walsh quotes Ford: “I grew up around money, power and fame, and I’ve had all three myself and . . .” well, read the article to see how he finishes … Continued

Got a Tough Manager – K-Squared Can Help

Listeners on the Everyday Leadership radio show, have heard Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley, co-authors of the best-seller Working With You is Killing Me. Now, the K’s spend 2 hours with me talking about their new release, Working For You is Killing Me. Listen in with us this Saturday at the Michigan Talk Network!  Find … Continued

Think Football – 4th Quarter

Friends,    A quickie this morning.   This is the first week of the fourth quarter.  Think: Football 4th quarter.  We’re behind.  It’s been a lousy first three quarters for businesses, non-profits, and governments.  The crowds are fidgeting, angry, some are filing out of the stadium.  So . . .   Think: Football 4th quarter:  This … Continued