GM and You

The unthinkable happens today.  GM declares bankruptcy.  All of my U.S. readers will jointly own over 70% of what’s left of it.  And “our” management will be cutting deeper and deeper, making the company smaller and smaller, hopefully leading it back to a new life and a new prosperity.  As is always the case, I’m … Continued

Duct Tape Leadership

Friends, Ever been to one of those retreats where the flip chart that holds our “top 10 opportunities” or our new “mission statement” keeps falling off the sound-insulated hotel room wall?  Ever go back to work and watch the same “exciting” ideas glance off people like a puck hitting a goal post? I handed the … Continued

You Need Sticky Messages

Chip Heath, co-author of the very cool book Made to Stick joins me for a full hour on Saturday at 8:00 am EST.  Listen then here.   For now, listen to this clip talking about how he and his brother Dan came to write the book.: 2-Minute interview with Chip Heath

And The Survey Says – About Innovation

Reading for Leading Audio Friends, I wrote last week about innovation, and only three people left blog comments. Then I posted a 5-question survey about innovation. Take it. It will take you – about 2 minutes max. When you finish it’ll show you the results. But here’s a major preview. 83% of respondents said that … Continued

A Google Perspective on Innovation

A Google manager joined me to talk about innovation. You can tell from the attached interview with Matthew Neagle that he was still fired up from Larry Page’s visit to the Ann Arbor office of Google: Attached interview with Matthew Neagle . Hear who Page is holding up as an icon of innovation, and what Google … Continued

Innovation Radio

This Saturday on the Everyday Leadership show, where we “make work work,” we’ll be all about innovation.   Listen live.  In the 7:00 AM hour, we’ll hear from Google and ePrize and others about how they improvise.  The 8:00 hour, we’ll hear from . . . you!  What are you doing to reinvent your methods, systems, … Continued

No More Waiting For Godot

Friends, In 2009, the idea of a single leader behind whom we follow in one main direction is CRAZY. Instead, great organizations, great classrooms, great churches and families must tap their bio-diversity of everyday leaders, getting contributions from throughout the organization – regardless of rank, seniority, gender, age, etc. Great organizations – and we have … Continued

Speaking Topics in Demand

Had a blast speaking this week at two Athena awards events (chambers of commerce recognizing a great female leader).  The courage of women leading is fascinating to me.  Because I am the (slightly) above average man behind a great woman – who is work with a majority of male leaders – I have a curious … Continued

Everyday Leadership, Every Saturday Morning

Everyday Leadership: Making Work Work” gives you ideas and experts – and listens to you – on how we can “make work work” better!  We talk about topics that matter: toxic bosses, leading up, flex time and family-work balance, getting promoted or retrained or starting your own business.  We’ve had on Covey and Blanchard and … Continued

Of a Hundred Takeaways From Gettysburg . . .

Friends, We went around the campfire, each sharing our views. It didn’t matter that some of the boys – or the lone girl, Paris – were 10 or 11 years old. We had all toured the battleground on Friday, most had read the book The Killer Angels, many had seen the movie ‘Gettysburg,’ and everyone … Continued