Obama's 100 Days – Your Next Few Days

While most folks assess President Obama’s 100 days through the lens of politics and presidential leadership, I am, as always interested in the lens of “everyday leadership.” What can you and I learn as we try to lead with our best selves? To me, two clear lessons and one question-mark. Lesson One: Communicate, communicate, communicate … Continued

Impostors and the Inner Obstacle to Leadership

I suspect I’m not alone in the cycle of self-doubt and self-recrimination. Indeed, I know I’m not alone. I see kids on varsity who think they don’t belong there; supervisors who are shadowed by self-doubt; and I’ve coached high-level executives who couldn’t shake the fear they didn’t belong.

Don't Kick the Issue Upstairs!

Friends, A couple weeks ago in the RFL about Jesus, Clinton, and Wagoner, I made a mistake which I’d like to kick myself for repeatedly making. In that RFL I used language that runs totally against my most fundamental leadership belief: I wrote about “leaders,” when really what I meant was “people in positions of … Continued

5 Minute video on FAST change


John Burchett, in a comment on today’s RFL about FAST change, added a link to an incredible 5-minute video. It says what I was trying to say in today’s RFL but vividly. (He says he can’t vouch for the statistical reliability of the facts; nor can I. But I thought it worth sharing anyway.) Dan

Are You A Fast Company?

Friends, So many things that seemed hard and certain now seem vaporous and tenuous. It’s like there’s no there, there. Consider: * We in Michigan could hardly imagine a world without a Big Three. * How could a big city not have a daily PAPER? * Where was the barrier that my generation thought would … Continued

Leaders – Jesus, Clinton, Wagoner

Friends, I think of Reading for Leading as a community – even a family – of readers. So, I usually steer by the adage of not talking at the dinner table about politics or religion. With the hope of staying non-sectarian and non-partisan, I want to trip that way just a little today. In the … Continued