Might We Become Richer Much Faster Than Anyone Thinks?

Friends, On my Everyday Leadership radio show on Saturday I asked callers to say what they thought would help us emerge from the recession and emerge stronger and more prosperous? As you would guess, I stressed the personal dimension of the question: What do you think you need to learn and do differently? One caller … Continued

Through The Lens of Opportunity

Friends, You can fight the recession by looking through the lens of opportunity! Over the last 4 days I conducted retreats through which people gave themselves the opportunity to step away from their work, home, and all the demands of everyday life to ask: Where do I really deeply want to be in five years, … Continued

Truth and Morale in Turbulent Times

Friends, I found myself on my radio show on Saturday, tucked between a renowned business consultant-and-writer, and a CEO of a successful public relations firm. We were talking about executing and leading in these tough times, and they were in remarkable agreement. Ram Charan, co-author of Execution has just published a new book Leadership in … Continued

Super Bowl Oscars and Inches

 Friends, On my radio show last week we had a fun tussle over one of those age-old questions. I was asking guests and callers this either/or: If you could either pick a team of great talent but just good teamsmanship, or a team of good talent but great teamsmanship, which would you pick? In response, … Continued