When they say – I didn't know I was supposed to do that

Friends, I think we can all have about 10% more success in the places we lead simply by keeping the ideals and ends in front of us with some frequency. Here’s what reminded me of the importance of focus and repetition. I just had an anniversary mentoring a Lansing boy, and so Big Brother Big … Continued

Obama and You – Ways to Change the World

Friends, I’m one of the millions who’s flocked to DC to inaugurate a President and hopefully an era of hope. At a reception, I was telling someone about the leadership work I do, and he asked “Who’s your target audience?” I replied, “Everybody.” I titled my book Everyday Leadership, because I fervently believe everyone can … Continued

Choose Challenge and Create Value

Friends, I’m scaring my capital-D-Democratic self these days, because I keep wanting to shake people up!  This instinct to grab people by the shoulders isn’t very compassionate, but I want to do it.  These are really difficult times; I know it first hand.  It’s not easy selling my valuable retreats to folks, when their travel … Continued

Forward This to Yourself — A Great 2009

Friends, It’s not only a new day and a new week, but also a new year. I’m guessing that about 50% of my readers already have written goals for 2009. And of those, I would guess that 80% of those goals are oriented around work – often prompted by someone else’s expectations if not demands … Continued