3-C's to Psychological Hardiness

Friends, What is constant in our world:  personal and organizational uncertainty, and constant need for improvement. What’s the result:  stress What’s the prescription:  build your “psychological hardiness” Psychologists Salvatore Maddi and Suzanne Kobasa coined the term “psychological hardiness” and spawned much research into the relationship between it and physical health.  They concluded and others have … Continued

Hope in Political Leadership – Yours

 Friends, What does John McCain have to do to turn around this election?  What does Obama need to do to hold on to his lead?  Better yet:  What do we have to do as everyday leaders to emerge as better citizens with a stronger democracy?  Start, I suppose, by asking that question: What do WE … Continued

Everyday Leaders Face HUGE Problems

Friends, On the Everyday Leadership radio show on Saturday, “Doug from Mason,” couldn’t remember who said it, but he loved the line that the reason America is great is because of the strength of the American people.  Of course, our capitalism and our democracy both derive their strength from one fundamental source: freedom.  Any individual … Continued

Monday Morning With Biggby's Coffee

Friends,  It’s Monday morning, and you’ve got tasks, assignments, projects, deadlines, and to-do’s on your mind.  (Wait, wait, don’t quit this yet :))   Focus for a minute on this – what Daniel Goleman calls the “primary task of leaders” – you’ve got to “prime good feeling,” and activate the energy in your peeps.*  Hopefully you … Continued