Colin Hubbell Led With His Best Self

Friends,   Each RFL concludes with the simple, hopefully provocative line: “lead with your best self.”  There’s always a choice about what self you’ll be – in every precious, present moment.  Your best self is an ethical self that chooses the right thing because it’s the right thing.  Your best self is a courageous self.  … Continued

Olympian Greatness – players and coaches

Friends,   Here’s the stuff we’ve shared this week:  Michael Phelps.  Kwame.  Michael Phelps.  Kwame.  Michael Phelps.  Kwa…  It’s amazing how our attention is drawn to the HUGE – figuratively, and in this case, literally huge – characters in our world.  Last week, I suggested we consciously reclaim our focus from our obsession with condemning … Continued

Our Leaders Our Selves

Friends, I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent more minutes than I’d like to admit railing about Mayor Kilpatrick and John (and Elizabeth) Edwards this week.  My talk has been mostly – if not completely purposeless.  I’ve just been part of the Greek chorus of outraged citizens.  I don’t think I’ve enlightened anyone else … Continued

On the Need to Speak Up!

Friends, Based upon psychological surveys of well over a million people, we can safely conclude that about half of us tend to gain our energy and focus our lives primarily inside, on our inner thoughts and feelings.  Folks who tend toward “introversion” are not all shy, but it is as if we have an on … Continued