Leading in Tough Times 6 – Faith and Framing

Friends, It is a truism that a good lawyer never asks a question in court whose answer she doesn’t know.  But some of the fun of live radio is doing just that.  You take a flier on a question without really knowing what you’ll get.  That happened this weekend when I inquired of John Patricolo, … Continued

Leading in Tough Times 5 – Do BEST What You Do Often

Friends, On the Everyday Leadership radio show our goal is to “make work work.”  A waitress wanted advice and said: my clientele is changing, less people are eating out, and tips are down . . . but, she added, I know you can’t help me with that.  A distant bell was ringing in my head, … Continued

Leading in Tough Times 4 – Problem into Opportunity – Graffiti or Art?

Friends, Challenging times.  Somber stuff.  I was going to write about three types of folks challenged by layoffs:  the one receiving the bad news, the one delivering the bad news, and the workers left behind.  A core message was to be this:  stay open to rebirth and deep purpose.  Then I came to Philly. We’re … Continued

Leading in Tough Times 3 – fundamentals for leading with authority

Friends, Are you in, or have you been in, a system under great pressure, facing overwhelming challenges?  If so, tell me if your experience has been like mine: In systems – e.g., family, job shop, company, church – where the system’s survival is under stress . . . individuals look out for their own self … Continued