Leading in Tough Times 2 – You Under Pressure

Friends, Last week, with a first RFL in a series on “leadership in times of challenge,” I invited you to consider the possibility that someone’s nutty behavior may be less a product of their individual psychological makeup than the fact that there are unusual pressures in the system.  I gave the example of a teen … Continued

Everyday Leaders – Leading in Tough Times – First in a series

Friends, Gosh, we had some great calls to the Everyday Leadership Show on Saturday.*  The callers elicited wonderful thoughts and advice from my regular guests, Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley.**  The economic downturn and hovering uncertainty formed the unmistakable backdrop for the calls.  Groups and individuals act quite differently when the context changes: * When … Continued

What's the Context for Challenge?

Friends, Why don’t we see the importance of challenge in our efforts to motivate others to reach higher levels of productivity and achievement?  I’ve asked this question in prior Reading for Leading columns and asked it of audiences to whom I have spoken.  I have shared the perplexing data from tens of brainstorming sessions:  for … Continued

Dads and Grads- A Request and an Idea

Friends, I hope you have been finding value in “Reading for Leading” – whether you have been getting it every Monday for eight years, or for just eight weeks. With your indulgence, once or twice a year, I go off track a little and seek your help. With Fathers Day coming up and in this … Continued

Do You Have an I Problem?

Friends, I asked my daughter – who’s got her first fulltime job – if she had seen some good or bad leadership this week. She said a team of people had been working on the solution to a problem, and when the manager came in and asked what ideas they had, one of the people … Continued