Time Will Trick You- Fight Back!

Time plays funny games on you sometimes. Last week I picked up our oldest daughter Kate at the conclusion of her first year in college.  Even though I had seen her — perhaps 10 times at intervals during this academic year — it still felt as though I had dropped her off a month ago, … Continued

Your Responses Last Week Were Like Dynamite

Friends, Last week I wondered aloud with you why no one had addressed the issues in the prior week’s Reading for Leading, about managing up. Among the huge number of terrifically intriguing responses, came this one from Tony in Kalamazoo: “Looking at the number of responses this week vs. last week puts me in mind … Continued

Your Unusual Silence on Managing Up

Do you make anything of this? Last Monday I wrote about “managing up.” I got only 4 blog comments, three of which were random attacks on the Governor that were unrelated to my column. Typically 15-20 people weigh in. Then on my radio show this week the topic in the call-in hour was the same: … Continued

This is not a blog about politics

John P, Dave, and Mark B., For the first time since I turned “Reading for Leading” into a blog I have chosen to “moderate” it – in this case to remove  your coments from my blogspace.  I’m sure you expect that I don’t agree with your political views, but that’s not why I am turning you … Continued

A Fun Take on Whether Managers Are Manageable

Friends, Fifteen minutes before we went on the air on Saturday morning, I said to Frank, my technical producer: “Hey, do you think you can find an audio clip of Tony the Tiger saying ‘they’re G-r-r-r-r-eat?’” I explained that it would be fun to play it to introduce Kathi Elster and Katherine Crowley, who were … Continued