Freedom, Passion, and Invention

Friends, Ginger Beebe of Arkansas said what I think most of us were thinking: “it is incredibly inspiring to hear each of you speak.”  We were at the National Governors Association annual meeting and first spouses had each taken a few minutes to describe their current initiatives.  The breadth, imagination and enthusiasm were amazing to … Continued

Leading Through Uncertain Times

Friends, A customer service note: I strongly encourage you to add me to your safe sender’s list. I talk to people almost daily who say, “how come I’m not getting RFL any more?” I can only guess they have fallen victim to aggressive spam filters. I’d love to keep sending you RFL and reading your … Continued

Getting Hooked– And Off The Hook

Friends, Ever find yourself getting “hooked?”  I’m not talking hockey. And I’m not talking the oldest profession on earth. I’m talking about when someone has a way of sending your blood pressure through the roof, and of “making you” do things you don’t want to do, say things you don’t want to say, and … Continued

Give Me Some Independent Thinkers

Friends, A quick announcement:  If you’ve been a listener of the Dan Mulhern Show on the Michigan Talk Network, see the news flash below today’s RFL A universal value for leaders in our times should be this:  continuously work to generate independent thinking among those you lead.  Kids.  Staff.  Parishioners, Students. Bosses.  You name ‘em.  … Continued