Managing My Appetites

Friends, It’s been a week of thinking about the frailty of human leaders.  I find myself thinking a lot about how sometimes my human appetites undermine what matters most to me. When leaders are caught in scandal – especially about private behavior – the public seems to vacillate between moral outrage and protestations that what … Continued

Getting Outside Your Comfort

Friends, With apologies to those who understandably desire to have Martin Luther King Day be strictly about the end of racism, racial bias and prejudice, I offer slightly broader thoughts and raise somewhat unorthodox questions today. Barack and Hillary have walked a trail blazed by Shirley Chisholm, Reverends Jackson and Sharpton, Alan Keyes, and Pat … Continued

Leading with tough love

Friends, Imagine you’re on a stage, as this boy was over the weekend.  You’re 14 and generally think the whole world is watching you, and this time you’re almost right.  There are 400 men and women in camouflage fatigues, all officers in the Michigan National Guard, in an enormous conference room at a university.  You’re … Continued

Lead With Your Best Self in '08

Friends, For some years now I have finished this weekly missive with the line “lead with your best self.”  It implies that you always have a choice.  And that there are different selves within.  Sometimes you’re your worst, worse, fair, good, better, or best self.  So, at any moment there’s a choice.  And somewhere within … Continued