A Pop-Quiz for Those Leading in 2007

Friends, I quizzed my son Jack about his organization – a Montessori school.  Then about a week later I quizzed an audience of about 200 people.  I asked each about their core values.  I said to Jack, who is in fifth grade in a combined fourth-fifth-sixth grade at a Montessori school, “Is there something, some … Continued

Brief Thoughts for a Short Week

Friends, Brief thoughts for a gratefully short week: First, give thanks at work.  Write ‘em up on the flipcharts, on the whiteboards, on the bulletin boards, on agendas and emails.  Giving thanks is right and it also generates positive energy we all need down the stretch.  We would neither have fun nor results if it … Continued

Hitting the Wall to overcome fear, failure, and fatigue

Friends, Think of your toughest challenge today.  The one perhaps that you have been trying not to think of.  A conversation you’re avoiding.  A strategy that’s not right.  A program you have to change.  Maybe today’s not the day.  But maybe fear’s in the way.  Or just simple disbelief: you don’t think you’re capable.  And … Continued

What We Need in a Leader and a President

Friends, I’m very excited to launch www.presidential-leadership.com, a new non-partisan blogsite that will complement “Reading for Leading.” With the election of a president one year away and the primaries and caucuses nearly on us, we face a huge election. The news will keep bringing you the candidates, but this blogsite will feature leadership experts who … Continued