How Shall We Follow?

Friends, Imagine you are part of a system that faces hard choices and complex challenges.  For example, you’re in a family that is trying to decide about end-of-life issues, or you’re trying to decide whether to relocate your kids for a job opportunity. Or perhaps you’re in a company that’s trying to decide about layoffs.  … Continued

Context and Purpose

Friends, On Friday I had two MSU freshmen on my radio show.  They were graduates of a marvelous middle and high school program called the Art of Leadership.*  One facet of that program is that the young people write a personal life vision statement.  The first young lady told me that her vision was to … Continued

Raising Kids, Picasso and SuperLeadership

Friends, Back in the late-80s when there were only around 50 or so books on leadership, a book by Sims and Manz called SuperLeadership grabbed me! By “super” they meant “really great,” but they also meant super, from the Latin meaning “above,” i.e., leaders above leaders. Their whole idea, which has become way more popular … Continued

A Leader Who Sees Religion Need Not Divide Us

Friends, Today’s RFL offers both an example of courageous leadership and a resource for enrichment. I’ve been following a leader named David Crumm. David’s been a journalist for thirty years, the last twenty as the religion writer for the Detroit Free Press. To me David models courage, because in his mid-50s he has left the … Continued

When It Comes To Energy – Don't Do What I Did To Jennifer

Friends, Chapter three of my book Everyday Leadership speaks to the ever-present concern of great leaders: motivation, or motor-vation! How do you get people’s engines going? Given our national, state, and business challenges, which one of us doesn’t need to get the engines roaring? In one part of the chapter, I offer a tongue-in-cheek list of … Continued