Emotional Intelligence When Hard Change Must Come

Friends,  I frequently write what I feel I must learn, and so it is today.  Daniel Goleman teaches about “emotional intelligence” and the practice of “self-regulation.”*  It’s a practice especially necessary if you are facing the fact that reality must give way to major change.  Here’s the story.  The governor and legislature are under enormous … Continued

Warning- RFL Contains Moral Views About Political Leadership

Dear Friends, You may not want to read today’s column if you are looking for a message that is simple, positive and very directly related to an average workplace setting.  You also may not want to read it if you are set against asking any kinds of questions or seeking any deeper meaning from the … Continued

Challenged by The Leadership Challenge

Friends, Today, I want to offer high-level thoughts on the practices of leadership, and recommend a great book if you want to explore these thoughts deeper. There must be a thousand books on leadership.* I have found one most foundational and I return to it often; it’s The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry … Continued

Get Crazy and Bring Someone Along With You

Friends, I write this on Sunday night. The wind is howling through the trees and rattling the windows in cottages all around the Mackinac Straits. In 9 hours, 50 swimmers will enter the Straits to swim the four mile distance from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to Mackinaw City in the Lower Peninsula. Hopefully the … Continued