The Broken Open Heart of Leadership

Friends, Thanks, to the many of you who responded to my Fathers Day invitation to reflect on the lessons and gifts your fathers gave you. If anyone is in need of some inspiration – especially if you wonder whether your own efforts as a parent are bearing fruit – I encourage you to spend a … Continued

A Simple Father's Day Tribute

Friends, I end every installment of Reading for Leading with the line “lead with your best self.”  In my case no one had a clearer picture of “my best self,” nor conveyed it with such confidence as my dad did.  He was for me an extraordinary leader and a truly fantastic coach because he continually … Continued

Managing the Risks of Candid Feedback

Friends,  Last week I wrote about the refreshing quality of Bill Ford’s candor.  (I have posted the full interview; to hear it click on this link:  It’s about a half hour long, so it may take a bit to download).  Readers blogged on this RFL, each shining a light on a different aspect of … Continued

Candor: Powerful yet in need of protection

Friends,  Candor may be one of the most powerful tools in the leadership arsenal.  How remarkable when a teenage child straight up tells you the unsolicited truth. Trust is born.  How awesome when a boss articulates his or her previously nonverbal ambivalence, and tells you in clear terms what it is they like about something … Continued