Leading in Remembrance

Friends, Welcome back to the world of work after your Memorial Day celebration. From time to time being the “First Gentleman” offers some extraordinary experiences. One of those is attending the Governor’s “Families of the Fallen” gathering on the weekend before Memorial Day. This year about 50 families came to the residence for breakfast on … Continued

Greatness and Challenge

Friends, When a company is number one on the Fortune magazine list of “100 Best Companies to Work For,” it should hardly be surprising that the culture in their office would be palpably positive.  Still I wondered on my way to the grand opening of Google’s new offices in Ann Arbor, exactly what would be … Continued

Corporate Boardroom in the Woods

Friends, I had a very cool experience last week. Imagine this picture. We were at a “ropes course” in the woods. Ten adults. Five pairs of two: one was blindfolded and the other was sighted, and their job was to get the blindfolded partner through a maze of ropes, laid out among the trees. All … Continued

The Amazing Mill Steel

Friends, Last week the Michigan Business & Professional Association held its “West Michigan’s 101 Best & Brightest Companies” awards luncheon and seminar.  I walked around at the beginning of the session, asking one of my favorite questions, “How’s your business?”  There was no need to brace myself.  The VP for Communications at Herman Miller said … Continued