The quiet POWER of example!

Friends, In our busiest week of mentor recruitment I got inspired by the power of example. Grandma Wallace” is a foster grandparent at Red Arrow School in Hartford, near Kalamazoo, Michigan.   She spends five hours, four days a week with the kindergarteners in Mrs Foster’s class.   She gets a little stipend from the … Continued

Thank your mentor and then . . .

Friends, I always hope that “Reading for Leading” stimulates your thinking so that you bring a little different focus or quality to the tasks ahead in the week of leadership that’s dawning for you. This week I invite you to actually add a whole new task to your “to do” list, and I promise you’ll … Continued

Inauguration to Eulogy to . . . You

Friends, Last week I invited you to write your inaugural address. I had been inspired by my wife’s energetic delivery of her forward-looking message on New Year’s Day. Right before Jennifer’s speech I had spent a lovely half hour chatting with Dr. Rachel Keith, who retired two years ago – at 80 years old – … Continued

YOUR Inaugural Address

Dear Friends, My wife delivered her Inaugural address yesterday, as she began her second and final term as Governor of the State of Michigan. It made me think that every leader ought to write an inaugural speech, and better yet deliver one. Jennifer had a great line in her speech: “You know the Michigan that … Continued