Today is Mothers Day

Friends, On Mothers Day, is it just my early ’60s-’70s upbringing that makes me think of a very traditional mom?  You know, cooking, hugging, putting on bandages, meeting the bus, cleaning (and making us clean), gardening, and taking grandma to the doctors.  Of course, most moms are still doing that. But 4 of every 5 … Continued

Recently on “Everyday Leadership”: Leading Women on Leading Men

Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked with three leading women about the work family debate. Dan discussed the differences in the ways men and women lead on both the work and home front, and how we view both. Joan Williams Director of the Center for Work Life Law at the University of California, and Professor … Continued

Simple Living and Leading in Crazy Times

In years gone by, I’ve written about the craziness of the season, as we’re beset by  the convergence of end-of-year work, next-year-goal-setting, and the “work” of gifts, cards and social functions.  And, if that’s not enough this year, Jen and I are moving our home after eight years (and after our 2003 experience of randomly … Continued

Home Leadership – Father's Week

Home Leadership – Fathers Week Friends, “Sorry. We did not find any results with the search terms you provided. Please try your search again.” I’ll leave you to wonder for a second what I was searching for on the Barnes & Noble magazine database.  Frustrated at finding nothing, I searched for “parents” and got 59 results. … Continued

Seismic Shifts at Work and Home

Seismic Shifts at Work and Home Michigan got totally blasted by a slow-coming seismic shift away from low-skill, high-wage manufacturing jobs. Now, in the world of families, work and gender, America’s in the midst of a similarly slow seismic shift. Are we ready? Humans aren’t so good at even seeing such slow change-a-comin’. But awareness … Continued

Lead Towards Your Best Self

Friends, This week is just another week.  Today is just another day.  This hour has 60 minutes like every other.  And this instant is all you ever have – a largely unending succession to be sure – but only just this instant to be lived.  And yet we have the capacity to draw back from … Continued

A Time of Opportunity to Become a Great Employer

When it comes to employers looking for employees this is an incredible buyers’ market.  Consider: The current Business Week chronicles the woes of young people entering the labor force. Unemployment nationally is nearly 10%.  In cities it’s as high as 30%.  Labor unions have made enormous concessions. White collar workers have given up benefits, had … Continued

Family Leadership – Another Duh! and Wow! Moment for Me

What would you guess is THE most significant activity that you can do to support your children’s psychological and cognitive development? Is it diet, rest, hugs, reading? Doherty says unequivocally that the most significant activity is to…