Succeeding at Far Off Goals – Part 2

[audio:] Today, leadership from Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Yes, superstars. Yes, athletes. And yes, yes, they are relevant for you and me, everyday leaders. Kobe and MJ exemplify the third and fourth keys in this mini-series of thoughts for those who have a big goal which at times, perhaps most of the time, seems … Continued

Lead Towards Your Best Self

Friends, This week is just another week.  Today is just another day.  This hour has 60 minutes like every other.  And this instant is all you ever have – a largely unending succession to be sure – but only just this instant to be lived.  And yet we have the capacity to draw back from … Continued

Use the Big Deadline

Friends, Sheryl Gay Stolberg wrote a fascinating piece on President Obama’s wide-reaching use of deadlines – on Gitmo, health care, Iran, Russian arms deals, and a wide array of other issues – in yesterday’s New York Times.  She suggests the risks can be high when deadlines pass without action or action is forced prematurely, and … Continued

Will You Make 2010 a Great Year?

At this point next year, things will be really different.  Stuff will happen, as sure as the seasons will change.  There is no way you can predict just where you’ll be, what successes you will have had, what sources of joy, and what defeats and frustrations.  But if there is one thing we know about … Continued

The Human Freedom to Plot a Path to Somewhere Great

It has often struck me that one of the major ways we differ from other animals is our ability to see a longer term vision and plot a course to get there.  Unlike squirrels or dogs we do much more than react on-the-spot.  As artists, we can envision a finished painting, song, or book, and … Continued