Dan on Gender Barriers-Part 4

Caller Bob from Okemos continues his talk with Dan on boys-to-men, and Dan talks with our engineer Tony to get a younger perspective of why guys are maturing slowly.

Dan on Gender Barriers-Part 3

In segment three Dan talks with a caller on what the differences are between older generation men, compared to the younger generation.

Dan on Gender Barriers-Part 2

Segment two Dan talks more about how women are rising over men in many different workplaces. Dan take’s a look at how the once male dominated world is becoming more of a woman’s world.

Dan Kindlon Part 2

In the last segment of the first hour Dan continues his talk with Dr. Kindlon on how to talk to boys about emotions, and instead of leaving it to the Mom’s how Dad’s can approach them better.

Dan Kindlon Part 1

Dr. Dan Kindlon is the author of “Raising Cain:Protecting the Emotional Health of Boys.” Dan gets the inside scoop on what generated the idea behind this book, why Cain, and what we are doing wrong with our boys.

Ben Murphy-The Father Life

Dan talks with Ben Murphy Founder of The Father Life about the new roles of Dads. The Father Life is an online magazine that helps new Dads cope with the role of becoming a Father, and how to maintain their “guy time.”

Dr. Pat Campbell-Gender Stereotypes

President of Campbell-Kibler Associates, Dr. Patricia B. Campbell talked to Dan about her research on gender. Dan and Dr. Campbell talked about an article she wrote on gender myths. Why do they exist, and why do they still persist in a modern world.